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Hire our Blackburn Escorts at Realistically Affordable Rates

Being a reputable escort agency, we always ensure that no detail eludes your eyes. Our Blackburn escorts are available at competitive rates which deem appropriate as per industry standards.

Click On Our Models’ Thumbnail for Their Rates:

If you want to check for any one of our model’s rate, simply click on their individual thumbnail. Along with their hourly servicing rates, you will also learn about their other details too.

Price Fluctuations in Certain Scenarios:

There is not going to be much of a difference when it comes to catering to our in-call services. However, you may need to incur a bit more when outcalling our models. Again this is not always and will depend on the time they take to reach your destination.

Explaining if the time taken to reach your place exceeds over 30 minutes and extends close to an hour, then you may have to incur extra £10-20 on the conventional rates being £120.

For Special Requests:

If you have any special requests which you want our escorts in Blackburn  to fulfill, then you should convey that at the time of booking. Plus, if you want to take our models for a personal holiday, then you will need to incur an initial % of the total service cost. In such cases have a word with our customer representative using 07748 117883. So call and set up your date now.