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How To Be Confident Around Women? 5 Tips

Posted 23/09/17 by Admin

Nothing stimulates attraction in a girl as quickly as confidence in a guy. If you don’t feel self-confident around girls, you’ll not just be incapable to act the way you wish, but feel insecure & be unattractive to ladies also. In this post I’ll disclose a few tips to become confident around women.

Walk confidently: Women first look at your attire & second at how you walk. So walk confidently around women and you will surely grab the attention of many hot chicks around there.

Look her in the yes: Don’t hide your eyes from her because it will tell her that you are feeling insecure about yourself and turn her off.

Call before day three: She gave you her phone number. Make use of it inside 48 hours or you will seem either frightened or foolish for resorting to high-school mind games.

Don’t reveal your negative attitudes: While talking regarding yourself, try to keep it optimistic. Stick with your best qualities & the interests you are most ardent about.

Celebrate her accomplishment: A self-confident guy doesn’t sense ashamed if the lady he is with makes more wealth than he does; he takes it as praise.